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Look Out MARS!

by Wynne Pirini on August 7, 2012

After years of development… painstaking testing… billions of dollars… 8 months of space flight from Earth to Mars… and 7 minutes of bursting through Mars’ atmostphere at 13,000 miles per hour…

They finally landed the Curiosity Rover safely on the surface of Mars.

Talk about a wild ride.

Here’s why it’s such an achievement.

The entire mission is made up of MANY complex parts.

Because Mars has different gravity and atmospheric pressure from Earth, it was impossible to test everything together before launching the mission.

So they had to test little pieces instead. One piece at a time.

It kind of reminds me of what we do with Internet Marketing.

We test our ads, the headlines, images, body copy.

Then we test our landing pages. Again, the headlines, images, videos, and sales copy.

Finally we test sales process and all the parts that come after the initial sale.

If you tried to do that all in one shot you’d get a big mess and lose a LOT of money.

Long story short. The Curiosity team got their testing right.

Thank Goodness.

After hurtling through space at 13,000 miles per hour they finally managed to touch down light as a feather.

If these guys can land the Curiosity Rover on Mars without so much as a scratch, do you think you can get your marketing campaign(s) pumping today?

You bet you can!

Go to it.

~ Wynne Pirini

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