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No.1 Mistake with FB Apps – This Could Ruin Your Facebook Fan Page…

by Wynne Pirini on May 25, 2012

What’s the number 1 mistake you can make when promoting your facebook fan page?


What’s ‘forced sharing’?

When you force facebook users to share your page in order to get to a reward, or a vote… that’s called ‘forced sharing’.

It’s completely against Facebook’s terms. Whatever you do on Facebook, YOU MUST follow their terms. If you don’t, then one day you could find a NASTY surprise.

I mention this because there are ‘magic bullet’ Facebook softwares hitting the market at the moment… promising some crazy new ways to get you targeted fans… and in many cases they are in direct violation of facebook’s terms.

It’s one thing to have your pages grow virally. It’s quite another to have them slapped into oblivion a few days later. Not nice… no no no.

I’ll be running some brief training shortly showing what you can and can’t do on facebook. I’ll be covering the INTENT of Facebook’s anti-spam rules and why they have them.

There appears to be a LOT of confusion about this. I want to help you clear this up so you don’t step into any doo-doo’s.

BTW – if you see any FB Goo-Roo’s pushing apps that use forced sharing on their systems, then run away… RUN AWAY FAST!

You’ve been warned 😉

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