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Offical Facebook Plugin for WordPress released

by Wynne Pirini on July 4, 2012

Facebook recently released an official plugin for wordpress.

This is VERY COOL because now you can integrate your wordpress site properly with Facebook. In other words your blog becomes an extension of your fan page.

This is powerful stuff.

NOTE: This is kind of technical, and I won’t be going into to great depth to explain everything in detail here. For Easy Social Profits members I will be creating a detailed video and cheatsheet on this shortly .

To install do the following:

1. Login to your wordpress site.

2. Click on plugins

3. search for “facebook”

4. click install

5. go to and create new app
I won’t go into specifics here. Instead I’ll be covering that in the new Easy Social Profits training.
(Register below for the early bird notification if you haven’t done so already).

6. click on settings
Go back to wordpress plugins, and click on the settings of the new facebook plugin you’ve installed. Fill out all of the info, including facebook app developer settings according to the new app that you’ve created.

Once you’ve installed the plugin you will have many choices to add facebook functionality to your blog. And you’ll have many choices for syndicating that content on your facebook timeline.

I’ll be creating a complete detailed training on this for the Easy Social Profits members. If you haven’t already done so, then jump on the early bird notification for the Easy Social Profits release.

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