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Social Business Rocket Beta Training Webinar

by Wynne Pirini on September 30, 2012

In this training webinar we cover three topics:

1. how to use the new Social Business Rocket system

2. how to build a client base and develop a portfolio with proven case studies using word-of-mouth marketing. And extending that idea using the Linkedin feature called “get introduced”. This is a very simple but very powerful way to connect with people that you would otherwise have no chance of contacting.

3. Finally we wrap up by discussing the direction of development that we will be taking with Social Business Rocket.

If you haven’t done so ¬†already then you can sign up as a Beta tester for free, and make apps for you clients or yourself for no charge.

Here’s the Beta sign-up link –

And here’s the link to join the Beta community group –¬†

*** Note that as soon as we reach our quote of 1000 beta testers we will be closing off further beta signups.

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