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Split Testing Case Study – 576% Conversion Rate Increase

by Wynne Pirini on August 21, 2012

I ran a test marketing campaign recently.

The conversion rates on the campaign were far too low to be profitable. So I sketched out the individual steps in my funnel. And then set about to improve the performance of each of those steps.

With facebook ads I was able to almost double the click through rate within a week or so.

Next I wanted to improve the conversions of my landing page. So I employed the aid of an amazing tool called Visual Website Optimizer. (By the way you can sign up for a free 1 month trial).

The great thing about Visual Website Optimizer is that you can just click parts of your page and change the images, headlines, and  text,  within just a few minutes.

After running enough clicks through Visual Website Optimizer it automatically chooses your winning combinations.

With only 90 or so clicks I was able to determine which landing page combination was the winner… which resulted in almost 300% increase in conversions over my first landing page test.

I’m still only getting started with this campaign and I’ve already increased overall conversions by 576%.

Just imagine if I had accepted that this campaign was a loser at the beginning?

If you’re able to make even small incremental changes over multiple steps then you can quickly turn a losing marketing campaign into a winner.

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